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Page last updated: 12.11.2010

This page has been set aside in order to advertise for items required for our members restoration projects and to offer for sale/trade items surplus to requirements from members collections – Our group is based on individual rather than group ownership of items. However, you will NOT find items offered here that have been excavated from aircraft crash sites, as we believe this would be disrespectful towards those who lost their lives in these incidents.

All prices subject to P&P, Please Email: [email protected] unless otherwise stated, if you are interested in any of the items

For Sale: Various - aircraft switches etc.

1950s RAF Toggle switch, Rotax D5403 20AMP (springs back to off, unused). 5:50 GBP each +P&P (Last few left now - as most supplied to the Bluebird project) RAF Standard WW2 On/Off switch Type "B". Ref. No. 5C/543 (unused, boxed) 12:50 GBP each +P&P (depends on number reqd). RAF/FAA WW2 Dual On/Off with brass locking slide (Firefly etc.). Ref. 5C/2847 (unused). 8:00 GBP each +P&P


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