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Last Updated: 13.02.2012

A selection of Aviation Archaeology related links which I will endeavor to keep updated. Though please let me know if any of these links fail to work and I will remove/correct them. E-mail: [email protected]

AAIR (Aviation Archeological Investigation & Research) - Craig Fuller's excellent site covering many US crash sites, a few British ones and a useful source for crash reports on US aircraft.

ACIA (Air Crash Investigation & Archaeology) - From Southern Scotland to South Yorkshire, an excellent guide to aircraft crash sites in North East England and the Scottish Borders by Jim Corbett.

Accident Reports - Offering USAF/USAAF aircraft accident reports 1918-1955, missing air crew reports, aircraft history cards, USN pilot accident cards and accident reports up to 1954. War department, state and county casualty lists, reproduction of accident photos.

Aero Re.L.I.C. - Group aiming to "Research, Locate and Identify Crashes" of second WWII aircraft in the southern quarter of Françe, from the valley of the Rhône to the Franco-Italian Alps (including Piemont), as well as the Provencal maritime sector - with English text option.

Aero Part Identify Board - Primarily set up to help identify finds, this discussion site has become a place where enthusiasts and researchers share their knowledge and you can keep up to date on what is happening in the world of aviation archaeology. 

Air Crash Sites Scotland - Gordon Lyons website featuring many of the crash sites that may be visited by walkers in Scotland.

Aircraft Crash Sites of Scotland - Two men and a dog boldly go to seek out historic aircraft crash sites among the Hills, Munros and Mountains of Scotland!!!

Aircraft Wreckage Sites in the Scottish Mountains - Part of hill walking enthusiast Edward Boyle's photo archive website containing comprehensive details of all the crash sites he has visited, with many good photos & GPS data.

Aircraft Wrecks in the Uk & Ireland - "Hell on High Ground" author David Earl's new website - without the pop-ups!  Lots of fascinating information on High Ground crash sites and his various research projects (note: click on the small "Gallery" button towards the bottom of the page to access the rest of the site).

Aircrew Remembrance Society - Excellent website with many research based articles commemorating individual aircrew who lost their lives in WWII + details of recovery projects that member's have been involved in and accounts of several excavations carried out by the team members over the years. 

ANSA (Normandy Association for Air Remembrance 1939-1945 Orne - Maine) - Features several very interesting excavations carried out by ANSA in Normandy. (with English text option)

ARGA (Aircraft Research Group Achterhoek) - Features a number of very interesting excavations carried out this group's area of research on the Netherlands German border. (with English text option)

ARGOS - The "Aviation Research Group Orkney & Shetland" aim to document all aspects of aviation history on and around the Orkney and Shetland Isles, including recording and documenting aircraft crash sites, both on land and underwater, as well as the many aviation related sites on the Islands.  

ASAVN (Association pour le Souvenir des Ailes de la Victoire de Normandie) - Features a number  of  excavations carried out in Normandy, mainly on Typhoons as well as the group's activities arranging visits by veterans and erecting memorials. ( with English text option only on pages up to 2004 so far).

Aviation Archaeology UK - Simon Parry's excellent site highlighting selected excavations UK & Europe. 

BAHAAT (Belgian Aviation History Association Archaeology Team.) - Excellent site Featuring many interesting excavations and the stories behind them, with much of the content available in English language as well. 

Borders Historical Aviation Archaeology - "Rob & Ray's" site covering a number of crash sites in Shropshire and North Wales that they have investigated..

Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-45 - A useful and detailed information resource on this subject, including biographical information on individual pilots and unit histories. 

East Anglian Aircraft Research Group - Details and photos of numerous excavations that members of this group have been involved in over the years.

Glacier Girl - Excellent series of pages on the P-38 National Association website covering the amazing and successful recovery of one of the P-38s from the Lost Squadron from 268 feet under the Greenland Ice cap and its subsequent restoration to flying condition!

Manx Aviation Preservation Society (MAPS) - This group have now established a permanent museum on the Island and this site has details of their activities and accounts of their research into Manx aircraft crashes and incidents.

Michigan Aviation Archaeology - Jeff Benya's excellent website documenting his in-depth research projects into incidents in the Michigan area with photos of the resulting wreckchasing trips.

Midlands Air Crash Research - Homepage of Don Bryan's M.A.C.R. group, covering Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire, including parts of the Peak District.

Military Aircraft Crashes In Australia in WW2 - details of some 1,900+ crashes in Australia + excellent photos taken during a visit to a Lincoln crash site.

NFLA (Nederlandse Federatie voor Luchtvaart Archeologie) - Dutch Federation for Aviation Archaeology. (English language option)

Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum - Based at Flixton, this is East Anglia's Aviation Heritage Centre, incorporating the museums of : 446th Bombardment Group, RAF Bomber Command, Royal Observer Corps & Air Sea Rescue & Coastal Command.

Aircraft Accidents in Yorkshire - Rich Allenby's excellent website with information (including photos and crew details) on the many aircraft crashes that have occurred on the North Yorkshire Moors and  areas immediately surrounding this large area of High Ground in England.

Northern Ireland Aviation Archaeology - New site seems to be "under construction"? The old site's main content was an investigation of the crash site of P-38J 44-23635 - perhaps there is more to come?

Pacific Wreck Database - Just as the title suggests - a very comprehensive site, compiled from years of research on the area.

Peak District Air Crashes - This site includes far greater coverage than the title would suggest, it covers visits to most of the High Ground  crash sites throughout the British Isles as well as details of research projects and a couple of excavations.

Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust - This group has a small Interpretation centre / workshop at the former Flying boat base where they are conserving an engine and artifacts recovered from Sunderland T9044 and eventually hope to recover the whole aircraft.

Polish Squadrons Remembered - an excellent information resource on the Polish Squadrons in the RAF during WW2, including unit histories and comprehensive pilot lists and some biographical information on individual pilots (English text)

JCCC - RAF Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre is the Section of the MOD that processes applications for licenses for the recovery of military aircraft.

MIA Recoveries - Clayton Kuhles website covering his ongoing expeditions in Burma, India, Bangladesh and China to locate and document missing-in-action Allied aircraft lost in that area of Asia during World War II. 

Somme Aviation 39-45 -  Excellent site covering this group's projects in this area of France - An unusual feature is the inclusion of many photos of the relics recovered on their excavations before and after conservation.

Thameside Aviation Museum - Colin Wingrave's excellent site featuring a number of digs from this region of the UK.

TIGHAR (The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery ) - Covering several long running  projects including their continuing research into the fate of Amelia Earhart, using up to date archaeological documentation techniques.

The Time Team B17 Dig - Channel 4's Time Team recovered parts from two B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft which crashed on Reedham Marshes in Norfolk and the programme on the dig was shown on21 February 1999

The Time Team Spitfire - In June 1999 Channel 4's Time Team recovered the remains of a Spitfire from a field at Wierre-Effroy in France and the programme on the dig was shown on 16th January 2000.

Tor Edgar Olsen - Homepage of this well known Norwegian enthusiast with links to some of the crash sites he has visited and his amazing recovery and resulting restoration projects (Some content in English).

Wight Air Wrecks - This site contains the results of extensive research into military aircraft losses in and around the Isle of Wight, with interesting photo galleries and a downloadable list of all incidents recorded.

World War II Aircraft wrecksites in Norway & Finland - During World War II several hundred aircraft were shot down or crashed in Norway - this site gather information about  those which crashed in the southern parts of the country with many photos taken during visits to the crash sites.
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