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See:  Ju 88 Werke No. 8138 - Our recent major excavation of the only German raider shot down over central Lancashire. Featured as the opening episode of History Channel's "WW2 Treasure Hunters" Series 1

See: "Bombers in the Marsh"  - Our excavation of two A-26 Invaders at Warton, carried out in association with Channel 4 Television's "Time Team" 


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Introduction to "L.A.I.T."

The Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team aims to research and record the aviation heritage of our region and where appropriate to recover and preserve associated artifacts. Whilst our research extends back to the earliest days of aviation, during which the region played a prominent role, our primary interest is in the air war over the North West of England during WW2.

During WW2 the region was largely associated with training of aircrews and aircraft building and maintenance, although it is true that Manchester and Liverpool suffered badly during the Blitz. Thus most of the incidents we research involved accidents during training or testing of aircraft. Though the human cost was none the less tragic for the families of those who lost their lives or the memory of their sacrifice any the less important.

Wherever possible we try to ensure that the results of our research and any finds we uncover go on public display locally and regularly organize temporary displays at local libraries and museums. Finally it is not the intention of our group or this site to glorify war or aircraft as weapons in any way. In cases where guns are recovered, we believe that these also should be preserved and displayed in order to place them in their correct historical context.

Please note that in the UK the remains of all aircraft which have crashed whilst in military service (whether on land or sea) are protected by "The Protection of Military Remains Act 1986". Investigation of such remains requires a permit from the MOD (see our "What is Aviation Archaeology" section). All L.A.I.T. projects are carried out with the consent of the Landowner concerned, as well as within the terms of this Act and in accordance with the "Notes for guidance of Recovery Groups" published by the Ministry of Defence and the British Aviation Archaeological Council's Code of Conduct.

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