North West Aircraft Wrecks: 

New Insights into Dramatic Last Flights

  by Nick Wotherspoon




  North-West Aircraft Wrecks: New Insights into Dramatic Last Flights (Aviation Heritage Trail)




Nick Wotherspoon 


Pen & Sword


Paperback - 252 pages



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This book is a different approach to aviation archaeology literature, as the author, together with small, but dedicated, team of fellow enthusiasts explore aircraft crash sites in the North West of England, treating each of the incidents selected to detailed in-depth research and meticulous on-site investigation. Each of the eighteen chapters explores, in previously unpublished detail, the background to an incident, the units, aircraft and airmen involved, as well as the conclusions drawn from piecing together the story and the artifacts uncovered. Emphasis is placed on revealing who these individuals were, their previous service history and subsequent flying career, if they survived, often based on accounts from their friends, comrades and relatives, giving a unique insight into the human story behind each geographical site. Many of the projects have involved major excavations to uncover the remains of these aircraft and this work is described in detail by the author, who actually organised and attended the digs, sharing with the reader the excitement of the discovery of important artifacts that have lain buried and forgotten for some 60 years or more. These digs and the finds uncovered are illustrated throughout, together with period photographs of pilots and crew members and many ‘then and now’ comparisons of the crash sites themselves. The addition of a comprehensive index and appendices giving outline details of nearly 2000 other incidents also make this work a valuable reference resource in its own right. Customer Reviews  - Average Customer Review: 

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  Aviation Enthusiasts In The North West Will Want This!, 30 Nov 2006


Michael D Booker (France) 

Aviation enthusiasts together with local and family history researchers with an interest in the North West of England will, I promise find this handy sized volume fascinating.

Sub titled "New Insights Into Dramatic Last Flights" this splendid 18 chapter very readable publication provides the reader with a wealth of information, much of which was previously unpublished and obtained from a wide variety of sources, including official archives and statements from families, friends and eye witnesses to the crashes.

It describes an entirely new approach to aviation archeology as it explores aircraft crash sites in an area that covers Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside and the North West. However having said that there are mentions of crashes in the Peak District, Northumbria and North Yorkshire too.

In the usual Pen and Sword style, it is packed to the hilt with many superb black and white photographs of personalities involved, their aircraft and many crash sites too. The excellent appendices detailing over 2000 aircraft crashes in the area during the period between 1917 and the late 1990's makes it an invaluable source of reference and therefore a must for many bookshelves.

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