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Page last updated: 14.09.2021

This page has been set aside in order to advertise for items required for our members restoration projects and to offer for sale/trade items surplus to requirements from members collections.

All prices subject to P&P, Please Email: [email protected] unless otherwise stated, if you are interested in any of the items

For Sale: Various - aircraft switches etc.

Type A-12A Oxygen Diluter/Demand Regulator - adopted as the standard unit on all WW2 US AAF aircraft from February 5th 1945 - Good overall cosmetic condition as can be seen from the photos (No servicability implied) £20.00 GBP + P&P (UK only).
RAF Standard WW2 On/Off switch Type "B". Ref. No. 5C/543 (unused, individually boxed) £POA GBP each +P&P (depends on number reqd).
RAF/FAA WW2 Dual On/Off with brass frame and locking slide (Lancaster, Firefly etc.). Ref. 5C/2847 (unused). £POA GBP each +P&P.

Wanted: Any parts for Edgar Percival Ltd. / Lancashire Aircraft Company Ltd. E.P.9 Prospector

As well as excavated aircraft remains, members of the group also hold a couple of historical restoration / preservation projects. One of these is the remains of the sole Mk2 E.P.9 Prospector, built in 1960 by the Lancashire Aircraft Company Ltd. at Samlesbury, Lancashire and used as the company's demonstration aircraft that year at the Farnborough Airshow. Obviously an important piece of Lancashire's aviation heritage, we are keen to ensure the preservation of this airframe and hopefully find enough parts to at least create a displayable representation of how it originally looked. The aircraft was sadly drastically cannibalised for the static rebuild of another E.P.9 aircraft and is now missing many parts.
If you have any Prospector parts or information on the whereabouts of any parts, or even photographs and literature on the type - we would be very interested to hear from you.
Email: [email protected]


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