Mustang AP208 - Holdron Moss

29th November 1942

Updated 14.11.2010

Type Unit Base Duty Crew Passengers
Mustang I No. 4 Squadron Clifton Photographic sortie 1 -

29 year old Flying Officer Sholto Paton Marlatt RCAF serving with No. 4 (RAF) Squadron was a long way from his home city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada when he took off on the morning of Sunday 29th November 1942. His Squadron was based at RAF Clifton near York and was assigned to Army co-operation duties and on this day F/O Marlatt was detailed to undertake a photographic sortie. His aircraft had apparently not deviated from its course when only some 20 minutes later it struck the bleak and mist shrouded moorland at Holdron Moss near Dunsop Bridge in the Trough of Bowland. The aircraft ploughed into the moor at cruising speed, shattering on impact and killing the unfortunate Canadian pilot instantly, leaving fragments of wreckage strewn over a wide area.

Name Position Status
F/O S.P. Marlatt Pilot K.


F/O Sholto Paton Marlatt RCAF (courtesy of Robin Farr).

Parts of AP208 still lie at the crash site, most have probably been uncovered, from where they were buried by the recovery crew, by more recent enthusiasts. Most recognisable are the larger pieces, including sections of wing flaps and self-sealing fuel cells, lying amidst many scattered smaller fragments of aluminium aircraft structure. An detailed account of our research into this incident and the story of the Pilot involved can be found in our book: North-West Aircraft Wrecks: New Insights into Dramatic Last Flights published by Pen & Sword Aviation. 

Small parts of AP208 lie scattered across the moor


My son with a large part of centre section of AP208 revealed following a moorland fire.

Oxygen gauge picked up at the site many years ago and recently donated to LAIT


David W. Earl (Hell on High Ground 2), RAF Form 1180, Robin Farr.


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